What is vanguard?

Happy, healthy, at home was one of the 29 original ‘vanguard’ programmes announced by NHS England in March 2015. Vanguard sites are tasked with improving the health of local people by testing new models of care.

This means looking at how care is funded and provided now, and working with partners to see how it can be provided in a better and more sustainable way in the future.

Nationally, there are five types of vanguards:

  • Integrated primary and acute care systems
  • Enhanced health in care homes
  • Multi-speciality community provider
  • Urgent and emergency care
  • Acute care collaborations.

North East Hampshire and Farnham is an integrated primary and acute care system vanguard, joining up GP, hospital, community and mental health providers.

Being a vanguard means our plans for healthcare locally have been given a ‘turbo boost’ by NHS England. We are getting additional funding and export support, enabling us do much of the work we had in the pipeline more quickly.

We are being encouraged to think differently – to test out new ways of working and share our experiences nationally so that others can benefit.

About Us

Happy, healthy, at home is working with health and social care partners, and the local community, to improve care for patients throughout North East Hampshire and Farnham.