Farnborough residents have their say on mental health

People from Farnborough who have mental health problems recently met with health service planners and providers to explain what improvements they would like to see.

Around 30 residents gathered at Farnborough Community Centre to discuss any issues they had getting mental health treatment locally.

They met with support group members, patient representatives, mental health support workers and health care providers. 

Dr Olive Fairbairn, a Farnborough GP and clinical director for mental health for NHS North East Hampshire and Farnham Clinical Commissioning Group, was one of the facilitators of the event. 

“People with mental health problems can be very vulnerable, so it is extremely important that any services designed to help them are easy to access and use,” she said.

“We wanted to speak with local people to hear of any issues they had getting treatment and what ideas they had to improve services.

“We received some extremely useful feedback from those Farnborough residents who attended, ranging from transport issues and personal safety concerns, to what sort of services people would like to see and where they wanted them to be provided.”

All comments and suggestions have been reviewed by health care providers and planners to see what can be learned, and local people’s experiences and views are already helping to shape and influence new services in the area.

For example, as a result of the recent event, health care providers and planners are considering offering a supportive service, similar to the local Safe Haven programme, for people in Farnborough who may need mental health support in the early evenings or weekends. 

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